Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Aren’t Worth the Hype


Hydrogen made from methane and carbon capture are wildly expensive technologies that would raise taxes and electricity rates and boost costs for Ohio River Valley families. These technologies wouldn’t create many permanent jobs and would prolong drilling and the hazardous air pollution it creates.

Oil and gas executives want our region to invest in these unproven and costly technologies to bail out their industries, which increasingly can’t compete with clean, low-cost alternatives.

The best and most cost-effective solution to climate-warming carbon emissions is to join in the transition to clean energy. Reclaiming abandoned coal mines, plugging old oil and gas wells, expanding wind and solar energy, and making our homes and buildings more energy efficient will create thousands of family-sustaining jobs while reducing carbon emissions.


Ben Hunkler

Ben comes to ORVI from community advocacy work in the Ohio River Valley. He offers communications and design support for report releases, social media content, and the ORVI Insider.