Petrochemical Dreams Are Collapsing in Appalachia


The oil and gas industry’s dream of a petrochemical cluster in Appalachia is collapsing.

Years ago, oil and gas boosters claimed that fracking in Appalachia could generate a new petrochemical corridor in the Ohio River Valley, bringing more than 100,000 new jobs to the region’s economy.

Those plans largely fizzled.

The truth is, the petrochemical industry is incapable of generating the economic benefits that have been promised to our region for years. History shows that shared prosperity and job growth don’t come from petrochemicals or natural gas. To rejuvenate our economy and create reliable, family-sustaining jobs, we need to join in the transition to clean energy.


Ben Hunkler

Ben comes to ORVI from community advocacy work in the Ohio River Valley. He offers communications and design support for report releases, social media content, and the ORVI Insider.