Research and solutions for a stronger Appalachia

Helping the greater Ohio Valley region mark out a path toward shared prosperity, clean energy, and equitable civic structures.

Building a Stronger Appalachia

The Ohio River Valley Institute serves a region defined by the upper Ohio River watershed—roughly the area that spans western Pennsylvania, southeast Ohio, West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky.

Independent Nonpartisan Research

The Ohio River Valley Institute is a think tank focused on the greater Ohio Valley and Western Pennsylvania. Our team of experts produces substantive research on the region’s most pressing issues and delivers them with effective communication strategies. We strive to help the Ohio Valley region mark out a path toward shared prosperity, clean energy, and more equitable civic structures.


Shared Prosperity

We aim to set forth a positive economic vision, one that prizes local initiative and world-class innovation, and that moves beyond resource extraction and polluting industry.

Clean Energy

A long reliance on fossil fuels – and a misplaced belief in petrochemicals and plastics – has impaired our communities and eroded our natural heritage. There are brighter opportunities in restoration and clean energy.

Strategic Communications

How you say something is often as important as what you say. We treat communications as a field for study, not just intuition.

Fair Democracy

Addressing the region’s challenges means repairing democracy so that elections are not swamped with corporate money, voting does not exclude citizens, and electoral systems represent everyone equally.

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