BIL/IRA Implementation Digest — March 15, 2024

CPRG links from Friday, March 15, 2024 Clean Power PA Biweekly Call; EPA’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) Program Update

EPA Link to All Priority Climate Action Plans (PCAPs) – Filed on or before March 1, 2024

Priority Climate Action Plans for States, MSAs, Tribes, & TerritoriesFour PA Plans


Pennsylvania’s Priority Climate Action Plan 

Lehigh Valley – Transportation Decarbonization & Priority Climate Action Plan (LVPC)

Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington PA-NJ-DE-MD Priority Climate Action Plan (DVRPC)

SW PA Regional Climate Pollution Reduction Plan/Priority Climate Action Plan (SPC)


Climate Pollution Reduction Grants Background


EPA’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Program – provides $5 billion from the IRA in grants to states & local governments to develop & implement greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

What Happened – March 1, 2024, was the Deadline for states & MSAs to submit PCAPs.

What Happens Next – April 1, 2024, is the Deadline for CPRG Implementation Grant Program

$4.6 billion in new competitive grants to fund projects that cut climate pollution, advance environmental justice, pursue innovative policies, and deploy clean energy technologies.

What Happens After That – EPA CPRG awards are anticipated to be awarded in July 2024.

EPA Criteria – As part of its evaluation of applications, EPA will prioritize measures that achieve the greatest amount of GHG emissions reductions & can be replicated in other states & MSAs.

CPRG Grant Size – PA DEP will apply for the maximum grant of $500 million (Tier A). SPC, DVRPC & LVPC are TBD with anticipated ranges of $10 million to $100 million (Tiers C & D).

PA DEP’s Re-Grant Approach – No final decisions have been announced yet, but on December 30, 2023 PA DEP published a draft Reducing Industrial Sector Emission in Pennsylvania Grant Program that would re-grant $440 million to PA projects that achieve 20% emission reductions, deliver community benefits and provide prevailing wages.

PA PCAP Goals: Table 5, on Page 25 Lists PA DEP’s Top Carbon Reduction Measures & Sectors 

  1. Industrial Electrification, Efficiency, and Process Emissions – Industrial
  2. Low Carbon Fuels – Industrial
  3. On-Site Renewable Energy – Industrial/Buildings
  4. Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage – Industrial
  5. Fugitive Emissions Reduction- Industrial/Agricultural/Waste
  6. Net-Zero Electricity Grid – Power
  7. Building Electrification and Efficiency – Buildings
  8. Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Transportation
  9. Public and Active Transportation – Transportation


Note: CPRG is a PA Turbocharge program for Transportation & Power/Industrial Strategic Plans